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Vida’s story

In this clip, Vida Duti tells her personal story and shares the reasons why she decided to work in development.


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    As the end of 2012 approaches, I would like to share this video with you. Vida Duti, the ‘Triple S’ team leader in Ghana, tells her story about working for change in her homeland and about being a role model: “Indirectly, I am also contributing to motivating more girls to go to school and take up leadership positions.”

    Political upheaval, when she was young, forced her family to move from the capital city Accra to her family’s village. There, she became aware of the hardships villagers face, lacking basic necessities like water and electricity. This experience has fuelled her desire to contribute to the development of her fellow countrymen and women.

    While children in her village no longer have to collect water every day, when the systems break down, they still go back to the river. There is more work to do to make water systems sustainable. Triple S (Sustainable Services at Scale), an IRC initiative funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation aims to “support a paradigm shift at the operational level for decentralised service delivery and will bring about a re-appraisal of the design and planning mechanisms of development assistance to the rural water supply sector” . In short, it’s all about learning for change. In Vida’s view, it is highly rewarding to work with other Ghanaian professionals to improve water service delivery all over the country. “Seeing my Ghanaian colleagues, working with them to seek solutions and also seeing results on the ground. In our own small way we are contributing to moving Ghana from where it is now to a better place”.

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