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Changing the game

For decades the water sector has been driven by providing first time access. Now that system must provide permanent water services and it can’t, without a fundamental change. Triple-S has worked over the past years to understand and strengthen the building blocks  that are critical in determining whether water and sanitation services will last- or investments will simply be wasted.
In preparation of a ‘post aid era’ where developing countries are increasingly self-reliant, country leadership and sector capacities are crucial game changers. In his blog  End of Aid Ton Schouten argued that development aid should focus on improving a country’s rural water sector to deliver services without on-going external support. This also means a shift away from uncoordinated projects by non governmental organisations working in parallel projects. And regulation and an environment that enables private sector involvement in the sector.
IRc event
On September 17th, IRC invited a group of stakeholders from the Dutch WASH sector to discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of shrinking development budgets and a greater focus on the private sector as motor for development. These short video interviews and blog give a flavour of the discussions at IRC’s ‘Aid and Trade’ event.
We would like to hear your views! Are countries ready for to shift from aid to trade?  If not what will it take to get them there? What roles do NGOs and the private sector have to play, and how does this complement the role of governments? How can funds be used most effectively?

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Working on sanitation and hygiene behavior change, knowledge sharing and storytelling. Learner, lover of life, colour & people who make me laugh.

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