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The sponge

The sponge

Around the UN discussions on the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, many NGOs advocated for the inclusion of WASH-related goals. A great set of materials is now available to see the sector’s collective proposal for these WASH goals. And I hope that these goals and targets make it into the final set. But inevitably, also much […]

Don’t shoot the messenger, but embrace the sad stats

Don’t shoot the messenger, but embrace the sad stats

Driven amongst others by the mobile phone applications, more and more statistics are becoming available on the state of water services. These go well beyond the coverage data we were used to in the JMP reports (and which this year gave us some reason to be mildly optimistic). The new stats provide more insight into […]

IRC debates the pros and cons of a “Sustainability Clause” in donor contracts

By Carmen da Silva Wells, Programme Officer, South Asia & Latin America Team, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre. On the 20th of August the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre organised an in-house debate on the pros and cons of adding a sustainability clause in contracts between donors and implementers in Water Sanitation and Hygiene […]

Going Dutch

One of the pillars of the new Dutch development policy is to promote private sector involvement, as a motor for economic growth. This pillar equally applies to water, one of the sectors supported by Dutch development cooperation. However, since the fiasco of privatization of (urban) drinking water supply in the 1990s and early 2000s, the […]

Running dry? Or will my water supply last?

The Netherlands is not the first country to spring to mind when the word drought is mentioned. But we are now in the midst of one, as according to meteorologist it has been the driest spring in decades. Most people enjoy the nice sunny weather. But it starts to get worrying. Various consecutive evenings there […]

Is rural water supply a left-wing hobby?

The latest trend in Dutch politics is to label anything of parties of another political colour as hobbyism. It started with one of the parties to the right of the political spectrum denouncing activities such as subsidizing theatre, development cooperation and promoting green energy as left-wing hobbies. The parties to the left couldn’t stay behind […]